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IDO Media owns and manages many popular WeChat Official Accounts, both Subscription and Service accounts. Advertise on our accounts in several ways or have us create your own account to begin building your own audience. Need us to manage your account and handle inquiries until you have a Chinese-speaker on staff? We can help there too, both with account management services and bilingual recruitment. IDO Media is a full-service marketing agency with the expertise to bring your audience to you.

Arc WeChat Account


WeChat is the largest social media network in China, where Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter are blocked.

With over 1 billion users, it is one of the largest social platforms in the world.

  • 81.5% of WeChat users spend an hour on the app every day
  • WeChat is the most frequently used app among 87.6% of users
  • Over 23% of global internet users check WeChat daily
  • WeChat accounts for over one third of online time in China

Subscription Account

Meant for posting content regularly, Subscription Account posts will appear in the “Subscriptions” folder of the Chats section. With a Subscription Account, you may push up to eight articles once per day to your subscribers. Subscription accounts are a great way to share quality content with your audience on a regular basis, maintaining frequency to stay top of mind.

Service Account

Service Accounts are designed for those providing a service to their audience and posts appear as a regular chat, just as a friend or colleague’s might. These accounts allow followers to receive up to four pushes per month containing up to eight articles each, typically used for personalized content such as order statuses or special offers. Service Accounts offer access to more customer-focused ecommerce tools such as payment plugins and push notifications.


Headline Articles

  • Headline articles are the top story each day
  • Highest engagement with readers
  • Largest screen real estate for graphics
  • Most valuable position in each push
  • Can include image and video content
  • IDO Media can write and translate for you

Secondary Articles

  • Secondary articles are more affordable
  • Perfect for high frequency campaigns
  • Less engagement than Headline Articles
  • Well-suited to interviews or press releases
  • Just as feature-rich with image & videos
  • IDO Media can write and translate for you


Banner Inserts

  • Have your Banner ad placed within IDO Media articles
  • Reach thousands of readers with a broad set of interests
  • Banner inserts appear in all articles posted each day
  • We post eight articles per day, six days per week
  • Affordable, suitable for high-frequency campaigns
  • IDO Media works with clients to translate and design
Banner Insert Ads


WeChat Moments

  • WeChat Moments are comparable to Twitter tweets
  • Moments are one of IDO Media’s most popular services
  • Your Moments will appear to thousands in WeChat & Weibo feeds
  • Each post can contain up to nine pictures
  • Links can be included as a QR Code picture
  • Each post can contain up to 80 words
  • Effective personal connections for recruitment, promotions, and more


WeChat Channels

  • Videos, any length but ideally a minute or less
  • Wider appeal than text or static images
  • Easily shareable and discoverable
  • Leverage IDO Media’s thousands of followers
  • Production and editing services available
WeChat Channels


Group Messaging

  • IDO Media is part of an extensive network of international WeChat groups
  • Blast your message to the relevant IDO Media groups
  • Precision targeting or wide reach based on your needs
  • Groups offer greater sharing possibilities, with up to 500 members each
  • Low cost option to generate word of mouth


Account Creation

  • Have your own presence on Chinese social media
  • Engage and receive inquiries directly from your audience
  • IDO Media takes care of all the details for the client:
    • Account registration, notarizing, translating
    • Account set up, auto-replies, welcome message
    • Audience management, post strategy
    • Group membership, subscription services

Account Management

  • IDO Media can manage your WeChat account for you
  • Rest easy knowing IDO Media is growing your audience
  • We find a solution that works for you and your staff:
    • Receiving and translating inquiries
    • Helping to recruit Chinese-speakers
    • Training staff on how to use effectively
    • Providing information on best practices

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